2019: Dig In

As part of the corporate word for 2019 is to “dig in,” this is my prayer. That everything else falls away and all that’s left is Jesus. That at every turn my eyes would be fixed on him, not the pain, circumstance, or fear. Something is always going to be happening around us, but we must “dig in.” 

To me this means a few things: 
1. Dig in reminds me of my late grandpa Harold who used to say, “Eat! Eat!” before most meals we shared. As a church/follower of Jesus it means we literally stuff ourselves with every Word that comes from the mouth of the Father and eat a lot of humble pie for dessert – in other words, big time repentance with restoration. Daily, hourly, consistently and sincerely. 

2. Dig in also means that we stick to our guns, draw those lines in the sand and hold tight to the Word of truth. When you plant, you don’t just throw seed around for the wind, water, and animals/birds to wash or blow it away or destroy it. You dig a hole, plant the seed and shore it up. Then you consistently add water and nutrients, and spray the weeds to kill off anything that might disease or choke out the plant. In some cases you put up a scarecrow. You prune the plant as needed and care for it throughout its life. Digging in requires this kind of daily commitment (consider me a scarecrow lol).

I hope this coming year leads all of us to dig in, feed on the truth, and see nothing at all (including our past) but Him again (our first love). I hope we make a decision to do what’s right, stick to it and never waver. I pray that we gain more discernment and wisdom, eyes to see distraction and our own issues, and a heart for repentance and restoration. I also pray that as a body we get in the trenches with one another and dig in together so no one feels alone. 

Here’s to 2019. Dig it? 😍

(Taken from my Facebook page, Posted December, 2018)

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