As I was frantically getting ready for work this morning (as per usual with young kids) I said, “Lord, you must have a lot of confidence in me to think I can do this (kids, work, house manager, the near-eternal laundry, etc.).” 

I felt a gentle voice correcting me, “My confidence does not lie in you or your ability but in My ability to see you through difficult circumstances. Remember, it’s MY grace that is sufficient for you for MY power is made perfect in weakness.”

What a fantastic revelation, that the Lord DOESN’T place His confidence in me. Can you imagine if He did? What a mess that would be! And how prideful to think God has confidence in me. As if He needs me. 

How grateful I am though that He loves me without needing me. He doesn’t need my love, my gifts, my abilities. HE gives all that TO ME. FREELY! With that great love, I CAN do this because in reality, it’s not I who lives, but Christ in me. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me – not the other way around. Praise the Lord.

(Taken from my Facebook page, Posted Jan 2019)

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