Bible Study/Revelation

God is on the Move

Darkness. Formless void. Deep nothingness. Endless silence. The suspense grows as all of Heaven waits in eager anticipation for the Father of Lights. Angels hold their breath, knowing this is the beginning. Nothing will ever be the same. When He speaks, the Plan will begin and will have its end all at once. Science will never be able to explain it. Humanity will forever wonder how it came about. Creation will forever hold His secret within, until the day He reveals the fullness of the Mystery.

In the midst of the darkness, the great nothingness, the Spirit was hovering. He was moving to and fro across the deep. God does not sit still. He never sleeps. Nothing distracts Him from His deep and loving focus on His Plan. He coordinates everything that needs to be in place when the Plan is in motion and knows the precise timing of each small part of the big picture. When He’s ready, when it’s time, He will speak and change everything. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. What happened in Creation is still happening today. He is making things ready.

Are you willing to wait for it?

God doesn’t work on our timeline. We won’t always know when He’s answering our prayers. We don’t always get to see the action as it unfolds. And, we don’t realize the many aspects of the plan that must be perfectly timed and superbly ordered to make our requests within His will a reality. But, before we even know what we need or what we want, He is already working it out.

Don’t get wrapped up in trying to make things happen yourself. Don’t become weary in waiting, in praying, in hoping. He is not deaf to our cries, not blind to our tears. He sees and knows what our hearts are desperately longing for, and He has the answer well in hand. If we are willing to wait and pray, believing His plan is for our good, we may yet get to behold the answer we’ve long been waiting for. He is moving. Wait for it…

“Let there be light.”

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