I woke up at 2 am and a situation from yesterday was brought to the forefront of my thoughts. I thought about how I was so prideful and grumbling. In a moment of frustration yesterday I thought, "I deserve..." In reality I was shaking my fist at God in my heart.  I was very childish … Continue reading Deserving


I believe every word in the Word is meaningful and holds secrets/mysteries of God we are to seek out. Even tiny words: if, for, and, but, or, then, etc. have special meaning. Another word would have been used in its place otherwise. Therefore (that’s another one), any time I read the Word I look for words that … Continue reading Kept

Welcome to The Straight-Up!

Thanks for joining the movement toward growth, truth and transparency. This site is dedicated to articles which educate, encourage and entertain with truthful expression of learning, life and love. Here you will find articles on the hilarity of parenting, the excellence of God's Word, and the challenges and joys of Christian living. "Guide me in … Continue reading Welcome to The Straight-Up!