He Cares.

“If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask it of the Lord who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.”

James 1:5

I shared yesterday about my situation and the answers I was looking for. I went to work yesterday morning and in tears praised the Lord for the answer He gave for part of my problem the night before. I understood deeply why Solomon asked for wisdom and why the book of Proverbs (and the rest of the Word) is riddled with quotes about getting it. I’d rather have wisdom than anything else. So, I asked Him for the answer to the rest of my problem and believed He would give it.

James continues his letter to believers telling them if they ask for wisdom they’d better believe they’ll receive it because if they don’t they aren’t going to get anything. I believe wholeheartedly God answers prayers. He is good, He loves like a Father, and is a Wonderful Counselor.

Speaking of which, no joke, yesterday evening I asked for recommendations to a counselor because I thought they might help where I couldn’t find an answer. I thought maybe it was a necessary step. But, I was worried I wouldn’t find one with the same values, I probably couldn’t afford it, didn’t know when in my schedule I could fit it in. I was trying to take it into my own hands thinking maybe I had to do something to help God’s answer along. It’s really hard to wait when you’re desperate for answers, you guys. But, God knew my heart. He knew all my worries and I’m sure He had a chuckle at my adorable but ridiculous attempt at being Him. And yet, He still gave the answer to my dilemma.

This morning, I woke up and immediately had the answer to the situation. It was like everything made sense, even down to the science of the problem. It was as though I had just gone through The Matrix training and knew from a scientific, medical, and psychological standpoint what the problem was, why it was happening and how it could be addressed and eventually fixed. In that moment, I was overwhelmed (and still am) that the God of the universe cares and is willing to share some of His knowledge, understanding, and wisdom with us when we ask in line with His will. I didn’t need a counselor here, I needed the Wonderful Counselor.

I want to challenge you today. Take any problem you are facing, any situation you aren’t sure of, no matter how big or small and lay it before the Wonderful Counselor, the Great Physician, the only wise God. Ask Him for wisdom concerning your situation or problem and believe He will answer. He loves you so much and cares about you. Everything about you matters to Him.

“Until now you have not asked anything in My name. Ask and you shall receive, and your joy will be complete.”

John 16:24

Prayer: Father, sometimes I get in my own head and think I can come up with the answers to the problems I face. I consider my own understanding as higher than Yours at times, and even though I ask You for help, I can’t seem to wait on You for the answer. Forgive me, Lord. Guide me back to You and Your wisdom and help me learn patience. Thank You for being the Wonderful Counselor that you are and giving me wisdom to handle life’s problems. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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