I am Mephibosheth.

“The love of God has been extended to a fallen race. Through Christ the savior of all men, there’s hope in saving grace.”

Gaither Vocal Band, “The Love of God.”

I love this song so much. I read recently about Mephibosheth (say that three times fast) and was reminded of the love of God which grants me access to Him through the grace of Christ.

King David loved his best friend Jonathan so deeply and wanted to honor his promise to not cut off his lovingkindness toward Jonathan’s family forever. He found out that Jonathan had a son who was crippled and sent his servants to find him.

Mephibosheth’s dad, uncles, and grandfather (who had been king) died at the Battle of Mount Gilboa. The custom at the time was to kill anyone left in the family line so no one could take over the throne by family right. When Mephibosheth’s nurse heard the news, she feared for Mephibosheth’s life, picked up the five-year old and ran. Unfortunately, she dropped him and he became crippled. She hid the crippled boy in another household and he lived in a place that’s name meant “land of nothing.” He was reduced to nothing, no one, with no options. Because of his family and history, he could never be considered innocent or worthy of life. He was deserving of death.

When King David called him to come, crippled Mephibosheth came. He humbled himself before the throne of David and the King had compassion on him. His grace didn’t make sense to Mephibosheth who said, “What is your servant, that you should notice a dead dog like me?” But, because of his love for his friend who died, King David gave that “dead dog” a seat at his royal table. He was no longer no one, nothing, with no options. He was now a son of the king with all that entails. He was given a new life.

I am Mephibosheth. Because of my family line that connects me with Adam and Eve, and because of my history with sin, I can never be worthy of life or considered innocent in the eyes of God. I should die because of my connection to sin. I am nothing, no one, with no options.

But, because of His Son who died, God has compassion on me and adopts me into His royal family with all that entails. Through the love and grace of Jesus Christ I am given a new life. I am no longer no one, nothing, with no options. I am no longer seen through my connection with sin and my parents Adam and Eve. Because of the blood of Christ, I am family with God through His Son if I choose to come before Him humbly. If I come in my crippled condition, knowing I am deserving of death, aware of my worthlessness without Him, He will lift my head and make me a new creation.

Prayer: God, Your love is so incomprehensible. I am but a dead dog and yet You show me compassion. You invite me to come and when I humble myself before You, You lift my head and give me a place at Your table and in Your family. I am amazed by You and so grateful for Your Son Jesus. Thank You for dying for me and loving me in my sinful condition. Thank you for the hope I have in Your saving grace. Help me to never forget the mercy I’ve been shown and to never stop praising Your wonderful name! Amen

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