Bear with me…this is a long one.

From what I understand, 2 (and possibly one more) aborted babies’ cells were used to manufacture vaccines we are mandated to give our kids and have ourselves. These babies’ “descendant cells” (or strains/cell lines built from the original cells) have been used for over 40 years to manufacture more and more vaccines.

I’m not a scientist, but it seems to me that although the cells used to manufacture more vaccines are technically not the cells of those aborted babies anymore, and are argued to be not a part of the “victim’s body”, they are still from the same DNA. Those babies didn’t get the chance to choose life for themselves and were treated with a terrible injustice. That injustice continues generation after generation as we are forced to inject their “descendant cells” into our bodies and those of our children.

“Only” 2 (possibly a 3rd – Walvax-2 ) murdered babies were used to begin the cell line construction, but NO aborted babies’ cells should have been used in the first place. Plotkin and other vaccine developers were lazy. They could have found other possibilities, but they saw an opportunity and jumped at it without a care for the moral implications.

Walvax-2 link: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25803132

From Plotkin’s deposition, it seems he is at the least indifferent to the lives of the aborted babies who’s cells he used to manufacture the vaccines.He also has an obvious disdain for God – just watch him here (pay special attention to non-verbal behaviors):

I realize I’m only touching on one part of the vaccine problem here, and I’m too late on the religious exemption train (eradicated in 2015, apparently). But, I read this article on a lawsuit that just finished and it upset me because I agree with the kid’s father’s explanation for not vaccinating his kid:

I am still looking into the vaccine science and learning a lot. Right now the hot button/on the chopping block issue is medical exemptions. There’s no care at all for human life anymore. It’s disgusting. So your kid is prone to fatal side effects of the vaccines? Guess what? They don’t care. Your kid will die and they’ll call him/her collateral damage. They would be considered as part of the NNV (Number Needed to Vaccinate).

Speaking of which, I can’t seem to find any American NNV statistics for the vaccines. I’d love to read them if anyone can find them. I’d like to know the truth as to how many aren’t vaccinated and aren’t infected. Also, there’s no liability for the manufacturers. I’d be surprised to find any oversight as to what’s put in these vaccines, how they are tested, and the true statistics.

U.S. Code:

2011 Liability Ruling:

Brief ingredient list in many vaccines: http://www.vaxxed.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Mistakes-Assumptions-Corruption-and-Medical-Arrogance.pdf

My opinion: People should know what’s really in the vaccinations, have a reasonable choice as to what they put in their child, be allowed a religious exemption, and definitely be offered a medical exemption when necessary. But that should be between a person and their doctor, NOT the government.

P.S. Right now, abortions are allowed in many states, and some allow up to birth abortions.

  • A child can go in to a clinic and have an abortion, no one the wiser (including her parents).
  • A child can be transgender and not include their parents. They can get all the help they need without informing their legal guardians, yet
  • Parents are forced to vaccinate their babies and children or they can’t send them to be educated, and
  • The government will soon be able to tell the doctor what is right…, so…
  • At some point in the near future, the government will control our religious choice, our medical choice, our children, education.

Does that sound like the republic for which our flag stands? Does it spell democracy? I don’t think so. Get educated, pay attention, stand up for the voiceless, stand up for what’s right.

P.P.S. Follow the money, honey:

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