The last few days in prayer, I’ve been feeling a strong opposition coming. I’m not sure whether it’s discouragement or just an onslaught of attack but it was definitely a warning to pray. The words I got in response to my initial fear about it were be courageous, stand strong, don’t give up, pray up, and armor up. It’s something my pastor has been saying, too (to be praying and to expect temptation, but to stand strong).

Tonight I got something even more encouraging. As I prayed for our church (including myself), I saw a picture in my mind of a stubborn child; with heels dug in and arms crossed, this kid wasn’t moving. It made me laugh and gave me a sense of hope because I felt like we as the body are being given extra strength to endure, to remain steadfast, and when we’ve done all to stand.

That’s what I’m praying for. That especially in our church we gain a strength, a resilience, a unity, and a tenacity to stand against whatever comes our way both individually and corporately.

I’m praying that we remember Christ and His suffering, His obedience in the midst of it, and that after He humbled Himself and suffered, He was lifted up. We have that hope to hold to! He that is in me is greater than he that is in the world. Jesus has overcome. He has won the victory. We just have to endure in this temporary establishment and temporary suffering. Whatever you are facing, remember this:

Prayer: God, grant me the tenacity to stand my ground, even if I feel alone in doing it. Help me remember that my Savior learned obedience through suffering and that my present troubles pale in comparison with the glory to come. Give me the strength to stand firm, to humble myself before You, and to continue on in endurance and perseverance. Teach me to count it all joy when I face various trials, knowing that the trying of my faith produces patience, and when patience has been allowed to have it’s perfect work, I will be mature and lacking nothing. Thank You that Your grace is sufficient for me. You are good. In Jesus’s name, Amen

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