Worship When the Struggle is Real

God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in the Spirit and in truth.

– John 4:24, NIV

TRUTH: Okay, the truth is some days I don’t feel like worshipping. I’m exhausted. Being a mom is tough sometimes! Being a working mom is a little tougher, and being a single working mom is harder still. It seems like the work is never done (in any motherhood role). There’s always laundry to fold, dishes to wash, counters to clean, toilets to scrub, socks that show up in odd places, and strange smells that no amount of Glade plug-ins will get rid of completely. I feel like it goes on forever.

But, God is in the laundry! He’s in that third round of dishes you’ve done in a day, the search for the other sock who’s brother you found behind the toilet (how did it get there?), and the burning-eyed bleach scrub you’re doing behind the refrigerator where you’re sure that smell is coming from (what IS that?!). God is in that, and He blesses it!

Our women’s group leader said today at Bible Study that even when we hug our children we are worshipping God. And those mundane chores we do are our act of worship to God. I laughed because I was thinking to myself, you mean when I’m cleaning up after my son who pooped himself for the 5th time this week and I’m bleaching my toilet again, and am desperately trying not to lash out irrationally, I’m worshipping God? Ha!

But it’s true. Whenever we are obedient to His call to servanthood (to which we are ALL called as followers of Christ), it is an act of worship. And it’s even better if we have a good attitude while doing it.

I’m not quite to that point yet where I’m cleaning up poo with a smile. I’m not looking around at my cluttered house with a totally cheerful heart, or going to work joyful, or happily dealing with the incident report that said my son was dancing on top of a water fountain at school (seriously), or whatever that day may bring, but I’m getting there by His grace.

So no matter what you’re dealing with this week and whatever comes up next week, know that God is in control and is worthy of worship. Let those moments of dealing with the crazy or mundane or just plain gross become your act of worship, your sacrifice of praise. Watch Him turn your frown upside down, change your perspective, and give you a joy unspeakable and full of glory. He will!

Because your love is better than life, my lips will glorify you. I will praise you as long as I live, and in your name I will lift up my hands.

– Psalm 63:3-4, NIV

Prayer: God help me to have a worshipful attitude in every situation. Transform me by the renewing of my mind as I submit to You and act in obedience to Your mandate to servanthood. I so want to glorify You in all circumstances. Help me when I’m too tired to still lift up my hands to Your greatness, even if it is in exasperation and exhaustion as I surrender to You. I love You, Lord! Amen

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