A few months ago God revealed to me during prayer that He wanted me to deal with 3 major issues in my life. Last week when I confessed the third and final problem and sought help from a trusted friend and authority in my life, I felt such a relief. I’d done it: those three things were now under control; well, they were under a microscope anyway.

I thought I could focus all my energy on maintaining improvement in those areas and I’d be fine. But, the same night I got help and made the decision to change and fix the issue with His help, He gave me a personal word in my quiet time. Then, on Sunday night at church prayer, He told me something else to confirm the first word He gave me and sure enough, I’m seeing it unfold already this week. Today I noticed yet another pattern in my life I needed to submit to Him.

I realized tonight during my quiet time that He is a kind, patient, and loving God. I can’t imagine if He were to tell me all the things wrong with my character at once. I would probably die under the pressure and the utter despair. But, God is faithful and careful with me. He gives me what I can handle (although sometimes I think I can’t) and slowly strengthens my faith in Him and His process.

As I thought about what He told me He was doing with my life, I told Him I wasn’t sure I could do it. I’m not strong enough, I don’t have the strength of will to do this. But, He reminded me of His Word:

“And He said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee, for my strength is made perfect in weakness.”

1 Corinthians 12:9a

It makes sense that the tiny, seemingly meaningless sacrifice of my life is what He wants. He wants the sacrifice (if you can even call it that) for my benefit, for my freedom, for His love to be fully manifest in me and through me.

“…Present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable into God, which is your reasonable service…”

Roman’s 12:1b

Consider this: His love for us and His care for our lives is so great that we couldn’t possibly contain it in our hearts. We would surely die if we knew how truly great He is and how much love He has for us. The sacrifice of our lives for Him is so minuscule it’s like one tiny grain of sand in a multitude of beaches. Yet He wants it. That in itself is mind-blowing.

We couldn’t look at Him in His face and see our true selves in the reflection of His eyes without falling to the ground weeping at our unworthiness to look upon someone so righteous, good, loving, and holy (human words cannot nearly express the vastness of His glory and majesty and righteousness in comparison our depravity and lowliness).

My challenge to you today (to us, really) is to thank Him for His patience and His love. If you need help understanding, read the Romans Road (google it) or Hebrews 1 (or all of Hebrews is a great place to start). Think about how these pertain to you. Consider your sinfulness (past, present, possibly future), repent, and ask for His understanding.

I pray today that we would together be able to comprehend what is the height, depth, width, and breadth, to know the love of Christ which passes knowledge, that we might be filled with all the fulness of God… and that we wouldn’t explode but would act on that understanding toward Him and others in a way that would bless the King of Kings. That our faith would be expressed in our works. In Jesus’s name, Amen.

4 thoughts on “Inconceivable”

  1. When I worked in the computer industry as a trainer I would often teach my students there were 4 components of a computer that allowed it to work. Each of these components had limitations and the slowest item would be the bottleneck. The computer would not go faster until that one item was replaced. The funny thing was that if you replaced that item it would speed up the machine but simply shift the bottleneck to another component. So the chase for the ever elusive speed meant that you had to constantly replace the slowest component.

    When God created us He did so with natural limitations. These limitations were further exacerbated by satan giving Adam the ‘self’ nature. A nature which grows with us and extends its roots deep into our lives.

    When you have a weed or noxious plant in your garden it is not enough to just pull out the plant. Sometimes you have to get rid of the entire root structure or the weed will just come back. Think dandelions here which have a weak connection between root and plant. If you just pull out the plant the root is designed to break off so it can regrow the plant. Now think of your ‘self’ nature like a dandelion.

    Now God is pointing out things in your life He wants you to deal with. He always starts with small things because He knows the root of ‘self’ is so deeply embedded in you it would kill you to remove it all at once. God is a gentle surgeon so He starts with getting your will to agree with Him and deal with the small things first. Your obedience is very good. But like the computer, once you deal with those items He shifts your attention to the new bottleneck of ‘self’. This process will continue for a long time as He goes deeper and deeper into your being to root out ‘self’ in you. Trust me on this one, it is a very long process but it does come to an end at some point. Unlike God ‘self’ is large but not infinite.

    Please don’t be surprised when it gets more difficult in this process. Remember the ‘self’ nature is satan fueled and does not want to die. It will fight you and God at every step of obedience. You allude to this already in your blog whe you say here “I thought I could focus all my energy on maintaining improvement in those areas and I’d be fine.” which is a common deception ‘self’ throws out.

    The primary dilemma is that ‘self’ convinces us that we are ‘good’ people in need of only a slight adjustment. That is an outright lie and deception. Our ‘self’ is rotten to the core and at total enmity with God. The two cannot dwell together in spirit. The ‘self’ nature must be completely and utterly destroyed. On this earth God gives us great mercy to deal with it but we must agree with Him in getting rid of ‘self’ or we will suffer horrible consequences. Avail yourself of God’s great gift in helping to expose and deal with the ‘self’ nature in you. Each time He exposes it in you be quick to repent and ask Him to reveal more. It goes much faster and less painful if you do this.

    You are on a good path and we encourage you to keep listening and working with Jesus as He gets rid of ‘self’ in you. The journey will be hard, very hard at times, but please don’t quit. The rewards of a life lived without ‘self’ controlling, limiting and destroying us is beyond compare. Jesus is worth the sacrifice. Trust Him.

    Homer Les
    Uncompromising Faith


    1. Thank you for your spot-on encouragement and analogies. One of the things He told me you confirmed by something you wrote in this comment. Thanks for your obedience to God’s call to comment. Thank you for your wisdom (as also shown in your blog). Blessings.

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      1. You are very welcome. I am so encouraged by the confirmation. We rarely hear when God moves through us in mysterious ways but it greatly bolsters our faith. Thank you!


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