My Testimony

“The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.”

Revelation 19:10b

I want to share this testimony because I believe that as I do, the Holy Spirit will begin to stir people’s hearts toward a renewing He wants to do individually and corporately (in the body of Christ).

I’m not going to give my full testimony because I don’t think my past is as important anymore as the most recent experience I’ve had with the Lord. This is my testimony:

I’ve been in church, have been diligently reading my Bible as much as I can, have been praying and trying to submit to Jesus in all areas of my life. But, boy are some things a struggle! The Lord revealed some things to me that I needed to deal with to get right with Him and I did my best to do so over the last couple of years. But, there are some things we can try as we might but just can’t shake, can’t get off our back, can’t let go. I pray as you read this, the Holy Spirit calls to your mind what those things are for you, or calls to remembrance those things you have hidden or pushed aside to survive. He wants you to more than survive. He came to give you life and life abundant!

Before February 2, 2020, I had this weight of … honestly, I don’t even know exactly what. I can tell you that I was lacking in compassion, had a terrible attitude, and was generally negative. People who were overly joyful upset me; especially the ones who were Christian. With life being the way it is, how could they be so joyful all the time? I knew I was supposed to have joy in my salvation, but that was something I just couldn’t grasp. And I was a Christian!! I knew I was saved, and wrote in this blog about things I thought I knew like how to live a Christian life and things of that nature, but it wasn’t heart knowledge – and I didn’t even know it!

On Sunday night at prayer service, I was given a gift so precious I can’t even put it into proper words, but I know it will always be remembered as the day my life changed forever. You know those moments you can just tell are (forgive my cliche) “defining moments”? This was mine. I will never be the same. And praise the Lord for that!

There are only two ways I can explain my recent experience:

  • “Shackled by a heavy burden, ‘neath a load of guilt and shame. Then the hand of Jesus touched me, and now I am no longer the same.” (“He Touched Me”)
  • “I was blind but now I see” (“Amazing Grace”)

There are some things that only the Spirit can do. Only Jesus can take away our burdens, though we might try to rid ourselves of them as best we can. I think when He sees our diligence in trying to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling, He honors our desire to be like Him and comes in like a flood to finish the work. And it’s amazing because He does it so thoroughly!

I know it hasn’t even been a week since Sunday, but I’m telling you I am a changed woman. My negativity is GONE, my eyes have been opened to my sin and my propensity for it, the eyes of my understanding have been opened to see with more clarity, and I have this joy that won’t go away that I can’t explain (joy unspeakable and full of glory).

I have this sense that the Lord wants to do the same thing in ALL of us, if we’d only let Him.

Today, if you feel the Lord pulling at your heart or pointing out the areas you still need Jesus to deal with, I want you to pray wherever you are.

Lord, I want to know You more. I want You to come in to my heart and revive and renew me. Convict me of my sin and help me be holy as You are holy. You know the things I deal with that I can’t overcome myself. Come with your Spirit to cleanse me completely so I can better serve and love you. In Jesus’s name, Amen.

Now, make it a point, a priority, to study your Bible every day, no matter what. No excuses. God wants to speak to you and the best way to hear Him is to read His Word. Set aside time to pray every day as well, increasingly as you can. Believe me, He is outside of time, but knows your time constraints. Humble yourself. Ask His forgiveness. Repent and turn from your wickedness. If you don’t know what your wickedness is, ask Him (if any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of the Lord who gives generously) and believe He will tell you what you need to know. Be faithful and He will do His work in you well. Get to church. If you don’t have one, find one – a good one that preaches the Word of God. One that makes you open your Bible. One that preaches on sin and our need to submit to the Lord. And get around people who love the Lord and can help you on your way – no matter how long you’ve been a Christian. If you are continually doing these things in sincerity, God will have an open door to do His work in you. Be blessed.

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