Shrugging the Cross

I was thinking about my testimony today and what I would say to someone if I were to give it. But I realized the only testimony that matters is that of Jesus Christ. And what have we done with His testimony? Here is what God has been speaking to me about it:

Jesus was spit on. He was lied about, mocked, and laughed at. He took beatings over and over, was flogged, and made to carry a heavy cross. His blood poured out from every wound and He was unrecognizable.

Most of us would have quit. After being spit on, I probably would have been like, “Nope. I’m out.” Most of us wouldn’t take a beating like He did and not fight back. Most of us wouldn’t be silent when lied about. At some point along the way, we would have cried out, “Enough! It’s not worth it!”

But Jesus, for the joy (all of you). For the joy (me – oh how He could think of ME as a joy is unfathomable – He is so holy), He endured the cross.

In my 34 years of life, if I were to take each of my sins and line it up with each of His humiliations, each of His bruises, the lashes on His back, and the nails that pierced His body, all of my sins would have done it. He truly died for ME. And I’m willing to bet if you were to go back through your lives, you would find the same.

And yet with our lives, with our sins, with our thoughts – we shrug at the work of the cross. He went to Hell and the grave for us! But we just shrug, like, “Eh.” We leave our Bible on the shelf and pray when we need something or the mood strikes.

Father forgive us!

Jesus died for us and rose again and is seated at the right hand of the Majesty in heaven. He lives (even with all we’ve done) to intercede for us. And He’s coming again.

When He comes, will we be found ignoring the cross? Or will we be found in His honor taking up our cross and following Him, grateful for the very air we breathe?

Some of us have been walking around aimlessly in the valley of desire and self-will, and have been worshipping an unknown God. He has been patient with us. His patience is our salvation – I hope we understand that someday in full. In times past, God has winked at this ignorance, but now He is calling for repentance. Today is the day of salvation.

Today, if you find yourself unsure of where you stand or if you, like me, have found that your life doesn’t give justice to what He did for you, repent and make it right with Him.

If you know you are in right standing with Him, praise Him again for His mighty work in you and His continued grace in your life.

We aren’t promised tomorrow. Let’s make today count and give our lives over to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Let’s quit making a mockery of His testimony. He’s worth so much more than that.

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