Open Letter to the Church.

Dear Church,

I recently took this down because I thought maybe I was speaking out of my own anger. This came about through prayer as I was laying the current situation and the church before Him, and these are the thoughts that crossed my mind and caused me great trembling. It may be harsh, but it is truth.

God is not mocked, yet you mock Him with your so-called service to Him. You feign praise and pretend to follow after Him, but you are only following after your own conveniences and lusts. God will not be mocked.

God is rightous, but you act as though you do not have to be. You pick and choose out of His Word what works for you and leave the rest. Don’t you know that if you break one of the laws of God you’ve broken them all? Do you think that God is unjust when He pours out His wrath on the unrighteous? His judgment is coming and that right soon. Our God is righteous.

God is a jealous God but you galavant around as if He doesn’t see your adultery, even selling yourself to other gods. You think you are hiding in the dark with your other lovers, but even the darkness is light to Him. There is nothing hidden from the eye of the Lord. He sees all and will give according to what you have done. Come back to your first love. Fall on your knees and beg His forgiveness and maybe He will forgive your sin and restore you. Our God is a jealous God.

God is holy, but you treat Him as though He is your friend. Don’t you know who He is? Do you have any idea who you’re dealing with? You are not like Him, though you think very highly of yourself. He deserves better. He deserves your honor, your worship, your respect, and your fear. He may wink at this “ignorance” or hold back His anger for a moment, but the time is coming when He will bring His judgment. It is disgusting how the church has treated the Creator, our Father, the King of Kings. Repent and get on your face before the Holy One! It’s not too late, but it may well be soon. Our God is holy.

The Lord has His grievances against the church, and judgment begins with the house of the Lord. Which are you? Will you repent? Will you give Him what He deserves and lay down the crowns you’ve given yourself? Will you now take up your cross and follow Him?

Jesus is coming back for His own. He will give according to the deeds we have done. He will come when most don’t expect Him, while they are doing as they please. Will you be found watching and waiting and serving in fear or will your sin find you out in His presence and will you be ashamed? Will you be counted with the sheep or separated with the goats?

Take your stand. Make your decision. Choose wisely. Judgment is coming. I pray you turn to the Lord and humble yourself. I pray He still has mercy for you. Even so Lord, come.

No, not all churches have turned aside, and there are still many that are following after God and kneeling before the King in humility and honor. But there are many who have grievances against them from the Lord. Let us pray individually that we are not in the same boat, repent personally, and humble ourselves before the Lord. Let’s individually and corporately pray for the Body of Christ, pray to uphold in support the shepherds who are doing right, and pray for the eyes of the wrong to be opened and repentance to be their answer. God’s patience is our salvation.

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