Watch and See.

“This will be the pressure needed for a landslide to push the debris out of the way: ”

On April 25, I had a dream I was at a hotel with my church family. We were on a patio with a hot tub with many other people. I was talking to a friend, looking out at the ocean, and noticed the tide getting closer and closer. The water began to flood the deck where we were and I remember thinking in the dream, “Oh this isn’t going to be good.”

All the sudden the waves started breaking over the hot tub where all those people were. The barrage of waves kept breaking over them, and the people in it kept getting hit by these waves to the point of being pushed out. My church family was getting wet, but we knew to brace ourselves against the fence that surrounded the area as we saw the waves coming. The people in the hot tub were getting hurt, but no one was getting out. It was like the verse that says the prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and pay the penalty (Proverbs 22:3).

Eventually, one massive wave came and took them all out. They were gone in an instant. It was a frightening sight, but I didn’t feel afraid. I woke up and immediately went to prayer to ask God to help us see and prepare for what was coming so we weren’t like those who were wiped out. For almost a month I didn’t have any other word regarding this, but things have happened that I thought may be correlated. There are so many things going on right now, and when a word like that comes, it is possible it can be applied to many aspects – for the individual, for a group, or the corporate body. So I pondered these things in my heart, shared with my pastor and an advisor and left it until the Lord decided to expound on it (if necessary).

On May 23, the Lord laid a verse on my heart in prayer (Isaiah 43:19 which says, “Behold, I will do something new, now it will spring forth; will you not be aware of it? I will even make a roadway in the wilderness, rivers in the desert.”). The words that were hilighted in my spirit were “rivers in the desert.” After I shared the verse on social media (randomly, without anything but the verse, not sure what it meant exactly), an advisor called to tell me it’s interesting because he was about to do some work for a friend who owns an organization called Rivers in the Desert International, and sent me a video of an actual river flowing in the desert and how that came about. In a nutshell, there was rain miles away that no one could see by this desert and after a time that rain water flowed down the hill to fill the river up very quickly and violently. It was amazing; it was a miracle. I took that in prayer as well, anticipating this miracle to happen at some point in the future (hopeful anticipation – God can do as He pleases in His own time).

A few days after the word of rivers in the desert, I was looking up that same video of the river in the Negev miracle to save in my notes. During my search, I found another video from Utah that was interesting, but didn’t mean anything to me at the time. I’ll explain this later, as I want to continue on the timeline of events to make it easy to follow.

On May 27, I told my church and Christians everywhere to continue to pray and fast because I believed we were going to see something happen very soon. I had an intense feeling I couldn’t put my finger on, like a “watch and see” type of thing. It was a feeling of anticipation again, but was the same feeling I had from the dream the month prior. Even now, it is hard to explain that feeling. I think it’s something like awe mixed with anticipation. Like, a trembling expectation. That’s the best I can do.

This morning (May 30), I was having coffee with an advisor and as I left it was barely sprinkling. I thought to myself, Lord is this a sign that the rain is coming? Is this the rain we should expect to bring about the rivers in the desert?

This afternoon, I took a nap and had a dream that included another aspect of the May 23 word. This dream was like an extension of the verse in Isaiah, but highlighted a very significant “happening” coming. This “happening” will bring about the moving of certain current situations in our view. In the same way as the waves pushed out and washed away those in the hot tub in my first dream a month ago, this will also push things out of the way and create a cleansing-type situation. As I was thinking about this dream, that video from Utah came up in my memory.

The video from Utah showed a flash flood that occurred the same way the rivers in the desert happened in the video, but with a very different beginning. This time, the river was preceded with dry debris that came down the hill first. It looked as though a ton of branches and sticks came flooding down followed by a clean stream of water.

It was as if it had to be cleaned out/pushed out before the river could come forth. In flash floods like this, the debris blocks the way of the river of water at first, but eventually the pressure of the river flow overtakes the debris and pushes it out. This debris flow is dangerous. It is fast-moving, frightening, and if you are in it’s path it will take you out. But if you stand on higher ground, you can see the debris being pushed out by the rushing water and it looks as though it is running from the flood. It looks like a cleansing flood.

As I type this, the thunder is rolling. Maybe that’s nothing, or I’m reaching spiritually, but I really feel like there is a rain about to happen which will create a river in the desert. The river will push out that “debris” which is holding back the flood. Once the pressure becomes too great for the debris to hold, it will be washed away, the cleansing flood will come, and it will fill the banks with life-giving water. And we will be “a tree planted by the rivers of water…”

The sentence in the beginning of this post is only part of the message. This statement was the last thing I heard in today’s dream before I woke up. It literally shook me. The end of the statement I heard was this: WHEN THE CHURCH RISES UP.

Tomorrow is Pentecost Sunday. I know there are churches rising up tomorrow to stand against an order given to shut it down. I know there was a fear put on the leaders of the Body of Christ in the beginning of this thing and many (in my opinion and according to the Word) did not handle it the way they were meant to. If the church kneels to anyone other than God Almighty, problems will arise and the world will not be able to cope. Everything rises and falls with the church. Our Governor says, “As goes California, so goes the nation.” This is a prideful statement, and an errant one at best. The truer statement is: as the church goes, so goes the nation. I believe the church rising up on Pentecost Sunday will be a monumental pressure against the debris holding it back. And with God before us, behind us, beside us and within us, truly who can be against us? No weapon formed against us shall prosper when we are following after the Lord and standing as David did against Goliath.

The pressure is building, the landslide is coming, and a fresh outpouring and cleansing flood is ready to create a way in the wilderness, and a river in our desert. Be a part of the historic movement of the army of the Lord. Rise up! Be ready!

BTW – update: The Sun is shining…and it’s raining right now. #justsayin

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