Thoughts on Current Events

I have some thoughts (I know, here we go lol). It looked like Facebook pulled this down at some point, so I thought while I had it I’d put it here, too, in case it happens again. I hope this comes across the way I want it to. Comments are accepted, but please keep them kind. Clarity questions are accepted and other perspectives are welcomed as well.

On police brutality:
Nobody should be on a “side” in the issue of police brutality and unwarranted excessive force used by an officer. We should be very careful to research, not follow the media and whatever they want us to believe.

This study was done last year on fatal officer-involved shootings. This is the type of research we all need to be reading. Do not rely on media or politicians to tell you “truth”. They, in many cases, wouldn’t know it if it hit them over the head. It is interesting to read at least. Long, but worth it. I do wonder how it is proven that a police officer is racist and how it is proven that death from a police officer, excessive force, police brutality, etc. is racially charged. I wonder if it is proven also for other races and the deaths of other races from an officer, use of excessive force, police brutality, etc. Just a thought.

On Police:
I will say the media portrayal of the police in general is nudging if not shoving people into a view that is by far incorrect. Most police are out there to protect you, regardless of your race, creed, sex, or sexual preference or preference of label. The vast majority of police are on your side. Let’s not forget, they are constantly putting their lives on the line. Their families are daily hoping to God to not get THAT call that their husband/wife/son/daughter/sister/brother/you name it has been injured or killed. My mother got THAT call late one night. My dad had been covering a gang fight (racially charged – Asian gang fight) and a dog was out or was released (pretty sure the latter) and bit him. He still has the scars and I’m sure the horrific memory of the event. Had the bite been moved just barely, he would have bled out right there. He lived, praise God, but so many don’t come home. And these families live in a constant fear, worry, or uncertainty as to whether they will see them again every. single. day. We should not be so quick to lump all police into the bad-cop/racists-cop agenda. Pray for them.

On George Floyd:
George Floyd’s death was a tragedy (regardless of his past, his criminal history, his possible intoxication, and his positive or carrier COVID19 status – seriously??). Justice is being and will be served for those involved. I pray for God’s justice as He knows all. However, after watching the video (which, when it came out the media said “white cop” and “black man” rather than “Minneapolis police officer” and “civilian” or “unarmed man” or something like that) and carefully looking into the reports released and articles written, I have an opinion. I do not think George Floyd’s death was racially charged and I don’t think he should be used as the current face of the BLM movement. I think he was the victim of a bad cop(s) who should be held accountable for his (their) actions. I pray for the family of George Floyd.

I think in general, BLM is based on an incorrect theory (pushed as fact). That being said, I wish BLM would morph into being active against abortions, vaccine injuries, and black-on-black violence in their communities where the real disparities lie. I wish all races were working more consistently and proactively to create relationships and community partnerships with police officers and police stations AND their communities. I wish there was more proactive work rather than reactive response. I wish Black America would stop giving in and laying down under the victim mentality and the rhetoric the media and the “leftist agenda” wants them to keep living with. I wish more black citizens were working with legislators to come up with healthy and positive solutions to their grievances. Maybe they are and I just don’t see it. In any case, black lives DO matter. I think all lives matter equally but for the sake of this discussion, I will say again black lives DO matter.

Black lives deserve a fair shot. I pray lawmakers stop abortion and repeal Roe v Wade. I pray Planned Parenthood is defunded and their clinics stop being purposely placed in black-majority neighborhoods. I pray vaccine researchers and manufacturers and supporters do better research on vaccines and come up with better (voluntary and without use of harmful chemicals or aborted fetal cells and tissue) vaccinations that don’t injure anyone, including the high number of black children. I pray that the schools in the black-majority communities are funded better. I pray that black fathers (all fathers) stick around more and be good fathers (like I think my uncle Larry was to my cousins who are both incredible and successful people and wonderful parents to their own children). I pray that the left gives the black community a better rhetoric and that the black community’s eyes are opened to the truth. They are smarter than the leftists and real racists treat them and give them credit for. They are capable, intelligent, successful, thriving, people who bring an incredibly rich culture to America. They are fearfully and wonderfully made. God has a plan for them which includes goodness and mercy and love and prosperity. I wish they saw themselves as God does, not as those jerks on the left and the true racists do. So many have risen up and become successful despite ancestral victimization and socio-economic status. I pray more and more realize they are able and break through the lies being told them. I hope more and more start following Candace Owens, too, who I consider to be a true hero and freedom fighter for black Americans in this era.

On White people:
Well, I’m white. As white as they come. I am a Dutch-English American if I can even say that. I will never know what it was like to be a slave, much like many of my black friends and black family members. I will never understand what the social and cultural issues are that black people face in the same way that they will never know what it is like to be a white American woman (and we have our issues, too). But, I will not apologize for being who I am. I will not kneel and renounce my “white privilege.” I have had my share of victim stuff, too. It may be different than a black American’s, but I have them and they’re real. And my ancestors had issues as well. But we rise above, don’t we? We don’t let our past or the past or past treatment of our ancestors dictate who we will become. That goes for every race. Jesus came to bring us freedom. Real freedom. And He died for ALL. For God so loved the world. That means all races and both sexes (don’t get me started). If God loves everyone equally, then I will too, and so should everyone else. Let’s put the hatred, the accusations and bitterness, and the clinging to victimhood away. Let’s just live, and love well.

If I left our your race, it’s not cause I don’t love you or don’t care. This is just the current situation and my current feelings on the matters at hand.

That’s all I’ve got for today.

Peace be with you…

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