As the Earth cries out for justice and creation groans with labor pains, I am also in a state of travail. But not only because of what I see; the virus fear, injustice, the riots, and the world on fire are things to be in prayer about. But there is something more pressing on my heart today: the echo of Christ and His love, and what my life echoes during this tumultuous time.

For a long time, I was not following Christ. My life was a series of bad decisions, errant theology, and prideful living. During that time, however, I called myself a Christian. How many people in my life, my family, and beyond saw the mark of hypocrisy? How many got a glimpse of false Christianity displayed in me, and thought it was representative of all Christians, and worse, Christ Himself? I grieve to think of who has been led astray by my former life, literally having cried out in heart this morning, “Grace to it, Lord!”

Thankfully, Jesus saved me and I have had a thorough salvation in Him. I’m still working out my own salvation, truly with fear and trembling as we all should. I’m learning and growing every day, and my life looks so different than it used to. Praise the Lord! I always wonder, though, when I meet people I used to know, what they remember and what my former ways echo to them today. I am forever working to eradicate my past in the eyes of those I’ve wronged or led in the wrong direction by word or deed. I want my life to echo Christ from now into eternity.

I know I fail this often, but praise God for His redeeming and restorative power. And,

“There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.”

Romans 8:1

My life, now and forever will follow the same goal of my advisor and his late wife who were and are champions of the faith and parents to so many:

“To live a life that exemplifies Christ and gives no one (especially my children) a reason to be alienated from Him.”

H. Douglas Duncan (remembering Rhonda Duncan)

What does your life echo today? Is there anything that reverberates anything other than Christ and the love of the Father? If so, repent. And rest in the knowledge that He is faithful to forgive and cleanse, and redeem it all. Take a moment today to praise Him for His work in your life, His grace for you which is sufficient, and His love that works in you and through you. May the ancient and current love of God in Christ live and breathe through you today and forever. May you echo His grace and truth to this fallen world.

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