At lunch today, I went to my car to read my Bible. As I read, I felt suddenly worried about witnessing. I know so many who don’t know the Lord, especially at work (or those who claim to know/follow Him but the fruit isn’t evident).

So, most mornings I pray for the office, for salvation, for opportunities to encourage and share the Good News. This morning’s prayer was no different. I’m careful if I do have an opportunity that I only say things when asked or when the subject is brought up by the other person, unless I’m at lunch on my own time and have an opportunity to share. By lunch time, I hadn’t had an opportunity to share, but as I read I asked the Lord this question, “God, am I doing a good enough job for You? Should I be more bold and specific about You in witnessing?”

You see, I don’t generally come out with it that Jesus is the Son of God, the Savior, my Lord, the One who died on the cross for the sins of the world, etc. And I have a bit of a hard time when talking with people about other religions or about the things of God and “closing the deal” so to speak. It can be hard for me (not being an evangelist or having that gifting) to be so … outspoken about Jesus Christ. Weird, because I’m pretty well outspoken in writing!

As soon as I prayed that prayer, though, a verse came to mind about planting and watering. So I went looking for that verse. I didn’t quite find what I was looking for and ended up distracted by another verse in Matthew 24 that lead me to pray that the church would be ready for what’s to come. I let the witnessing question go because most of the time if I ask the Lord a question, He is faithful to answer it in His time. Well, He did.

During my work hours, I’m blessed to be able to read at my desk among other things. Usually I read my Bible, but today I felt led to read I Dared to Call Him Father. It’s a true story of a royal in Pakistan who came to the Lord under miraculous circumstances and the persecution she endured as well as the way she learned to practice the presence of God through repentance and obedience – I highly recommend it. I’ve read this book already, but it was so good I brought it back to the office a few weeks ago. It’s been mostly untouched until today. I didn’t start at the beginning; I started a few chapters in.

What I read was about the main character who’s family had “boycotted” her and had threatened her (being a Muslim family) and then people in her family started dying. She went to the funeral at God’s leading and just was a peaceful presence and a comforting encouragement to the bereaved. Nothing came of it other than some humiliation because most of her family didn’t speak to her and walked out of the room when she came in – it was a very trying and lonely time for her. A few weeks later, though, some of the family started calling to thank her for being that presence.

Here’s what she says about the experience:

“Once again I could not help but be amazed at how Jesus had done the work through me when I said little or nothing about Him directly. It was my being there, representing His Spirit in this time of need that had been the helper.”

Bilquis Sheikh, I Dared to Call Him Father

WOW. Is that an answer to my question or what?

Please take time today to thank God our Father for being such a present God. He’s so relational, so caring, so responsive. He’s always right there. And He’s faithful to answer questions. “If any of you lacks wisdom let him ask it of the Lord who gives generously and without reproach.” James 1:5

God loves us so deeply. He wants to be in constant conversation with us. And if you, like me, wonder whether you’re doing okay with being a witness, remember that you being a representative of His presence is a witness in and of itself.”For we are to God the fragrance of Christ among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing.” 2 Corinthians 2:15

Be blessed.

2 thoughts on “Witness”

  1. I think we all wonder just how to be bold without going overboard. I’m finding more opportunities to witness with all the craziness we’re experiencing now.


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