May I Please Introduce…

I’ve seen singers or bands who open for bigger acts, and have seen introductions of speakers and highly regarded guests. It always interested me how most of them stated their honor in introducing these people. They’d say nice things about the person or group and then usually, without further adieu, would get out of the way for the main attraction to take the stage.

It got me thinking tonight in prayer of what or who I am introducing or opening for in life. I’ve written in the past about my personal struggle with pride and wanting to be acknowledged or seen, so I am very aware of my own trying to weasel my way into situations that could promote…well, me. But I’m not called to introduce myself. Rather, I’m called to open for and introduce Christ.

John the Baptist was a fantastic opener/introducer of Christ. I mean from inside his mother’s womb he introduced Jesus by leaping and his mother was filled with the Holy Spirit and prophesied about who Mary was carrying. Now that’s an introduction! Not only that, but the whole of John’s adult life that we can see was in preparation for the introduction of the One of whom he wasn’t worthy of even untying His sandals.

The angels who told of Christ’s birth were great openers. A whole host of them came out to introduce Him to some shepherds. Several prophets in the Bible introduced Him several hundreds of years prior to His birth. They told of His great works before He was even born. Which leads me to the question:

What is my life saying of Him? Am I testifying of His greatness, His salvation, and the hope He provides with His life and death and resurrection? Am I introducing Him or trying to be the main act?

Does He need an introduction? No. Does He need an “opening act?” Definitely not. But, are there still those who haven’t heard or need to hear about Him? Yes. Are there people who need to be reminded of His coming again soon? Definitely yes.

“So you also must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect Him.”

Matthew 24:44

Knowing this, then, let’s be ready for Him. Let’s be introducing Him as the main attraction, not ourselves. Let’s be the opening act the world needs that will make ready this place for His second coming; His encore if you will. We as Christians have to live in a way that shows the world He is coming again and soon. We can’t be acting like He is afar off. We need to be preparing for His triumphal entry.

Every day is a chance to introduce Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior to the world. What does your life say about Him?

Think about it.

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