Jim and Joe: How the November 18, 1978 Events Can Inform us Today.

November 18 is an interesting day in history. The term “drinking the Kool-aid” was birthed out of the 1978 Peoples Temple mass-suicide in Guyana on this day. 909 (oddly enough, the numbers add up to 18 – weird coincidence) people “drank the Kool-aid,” by order of their leader, “Socialist” Jim Jones. About thirty percent of them were children.

Who Was Jim Jones?

Jim Jones was a self-proclaimed socialist who promoted an anti-racist agenda and a socialist utopia where people could live in harmony and sharing without government interference. What his followers quickly found out, was he was a drug-addicted dictator with mental health issues and abusive and homicidal tendencies.

He put his followers to work with hard labor, confiscated their passports, and had their mail read before sending because he was so paranoid. The cult followers were beaten if they questioned him, were put through long and grueling service late into the night, and were forced to do random suicide drills during the duration of their time in the commune. Hidden away, some followed him by choice; others forced by their parents, they lived in a mental and some would say physical hell.

Communications and the End for Jonestown:

When found out, Jones ordered his lieutenants to murder a visiting congressman (who came at the behest of congregants’ rightfully worried family members) and reporters who came with him. Back at camp, though surrounded by military forces, Jones ordered his followers to drink a cocktail of cyanide among other things. First, they injected the poison into the children’s throats. The children (around 300 of them) were killed first. Then they lined up to take the concoction themselves. Only a few survived after escaping to the jungle or being out of town that day (including one of Jones’s sons).

What’s interesting about this (besides disgusting and outright evil) is his way of communication and gathering followers. Jones reportedly knew the power of media and the radio and used it to promote his “utopia” and gain more faithful members. As well as gaining followers, he also used the radio to send coded messages to people in the States, including his headquarters where he sent the message to kill everyone there when carrying out his White Night mass suicide. I will spare you the gory details of that tragedy.

How Jim Jones is Relevant Today:

Today, there is a candidate trying to take office before the votes have officially been counted. His platform is unity, anti-racism, and socialist utopia-style of a “new” America. He promotes coming together, free healthcare and education, and claims he will be a president who cares about the people.

Joe Biden is fighting for the “soul of America.” That’s some scary stuff.

Joe knows as well as Jim did about the power of the media. In fact, Biden said if the media pronounced him the mathematical winner of the election he would assert himself as such and basically take on the role. Well, the media did as he said, and Biden is currently in the process of selecting his cabinet, and has already spoken with a few world leaders.

Although Joe Biden is not Jim Jones, is likely not on drugs as Jim Jones was, and doesn’t have the same mental health issues as the cult leader did, he is operating out of the same spirit. Joe Biden advocates for abortion as a right. He has already stated his stance on murdering babies in the womb, and when you’re okay with that, everything else is informed by that murder spirit you are operating in. Life is no longer protected or preserved, and everything else will follow suit.

Crime will go unpunished under Biden’s foundationally murderous leadership. Pedophilia, which is already being considered an orientation and has some lower consequences thanks to SB145 passing (Weiner), will be applauded. He will have his appointees go for our guns, too (Buttegieg). Corruption has abounded in this election already, and the Biden “crime family” has been under investigation, yet still he persists in asserting himself as the winner of the election. If Biden takes office, all hell will break loose under his administration and life and the sanctity of it goes out the window. And when he is decidedly unfit to be President any longer, Harris will throw out any semblance of morality left in America and we will have a new America on our hands. Say goodbye to the Constitution.

Something to be Said about Socialism:

When you have a socialist agenda, it looks pretty on the outside. Socialists-leaning politicians have a head-in-the-clouds idea of what the world will look like if socialism is the political climate. “Free” stuff, unity and love, tolerance and all that. But here’s the problem with socialism: it doesn’t work.

It never works out the way the people think. It works out exactly as the leaders think it will, though. They put out these great ideas and get people to go along with it, use media to promote their agenda, get it put in your schools, and people drink it up within a generation. It sounds so good! They get you to drink the Kool-aid and then you realize you’ve made a terrible mistake. By then it’s too late.

“Wisdom cries aloud in the street, in the markets she raises her voice; at the head of the noisy streets she cries out; at the entrance of the city gates she speaks: “How long, O simple ones, will you love being simple? How long will scoffers delight in their scoffing and fools hate knowledge?”

Proverbs 1:20-33

Wisdom and history both cry out to tell us truth: Socialism destroys thriving countries and ruins people’s lives. People end up waiting in lines longer than Disneyland for a bit of bread. While healthcare is “free”, it is impossible to get in to a doctor. And with free healthcare comes the question, who decides your medical care? Prices for everything are set by the government, which really is a scary thought. Government controls business as well and your taxes are going through the roof cause someone has to pay for all this great free stuff. #TINSTAAFL #socialismsucks

Source: Thoughtco.com

Socialism makes way for total government takeover. We had a taste of that this year with the COVID19 lockdowns and restrictions. Churches closed, way of worship decided for us, masks, vaccine talk, information overload but only what the government wanted us to know, censorship, and media takeover for the agenda being promoted. No toilet paper, no soap or disinfectant, meat shortages. The government decides how you will be seen by your doctor, even.

This is a bite-sized taste of what socialism looks like. Ready for the real thing? A Biden presidency will give you a lifetime subscription of socialism. For free (except for your soul and all…). Joe Biden will talk a good game and dress up socialism real pretty, and when he and his gang of crazies are ready, they’ll pull the carpet out from under you. Look at the church and how it has already largely bottom’s-upped the orders of the government, many under democrat-governed states. Many have already “drank the Kool-Aid.”

Why in the World am I Saying all This?

I say all this to tell you to do three things:

  1. Pray – Pray the corruption is exposed and light is shed on the dark and evil plans of the enemy and his friends. Pray for the President (the current one) and for the election count. Pray for the lawsuits currently being heard. Pray for the Supreme Court. Pray for forgiveness on behalf of (or in the gap for) those who have come before and set the stage for the destruction of life through abortion. Pray that God takes His authority in this place and destroys wicked plans. Pray for our law makers to make good decisions. Pray for the people of this great country to have open eyes and soft hearts. Pray for the church to rise up and do what’s right, to say no to what they are being told to drink, and open up in obedience to God rather than man. Pray for the Gospel to be preached in full. Pray for revival, for salvation, for Holy Spirit pour-out on all flesh.
  2. Read your Bible – Read it to know history and patterns of it. Read it to know evil rulers and good ones and how to spot them well. Read the story of salvation and freedom so you know the counterfeit and the opposite. Read it to know God and what He expects of you and what you can expect from Him. Read it to know which direction to go, how to discern good from evil, and how to withstand the wiles of the enemy which can sometimes come in the form of beauty and light and harmony and “tolerance.” Tolerance is intolerant of standard and righteousness. Tolerance means “right” is relative. With that mindset, anything goes. Read the Word to know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free no matter who is in charge.
  3. If you haven’t yet, pledge to vote LIFE from now on – Vote well. We just finished an election that would change the course of history for the United States of America. If you didn’t vote for life-preserving and protecting officials, you need to pray and ask God to help you understand why and what you need to know. If you voted life, thank you. Please continue to do so without abandon and without fear. Let nothing and no one tell you some watered-down version of the Bible or truth to get you to change your mind on this matter. Life should be protected and the right to it upheld by all. And if we don’t stand up for life and liberty, no one will.

Oh yeah, one more thing:


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