About The Straight-Up

I’m a hard-working, single mom who sometimes struggles with life and well, let’s face it, my sanity. I have one child who says, “Crazy is my life,” and another who recently told me, “Weird. That’s my life.” I’m probably a good combination of both of those statements. I’m just trying to make it through the day most of the time. I love the Lord and love others, and I’m incredibly grateful for the life I live.

I had a dream a few months back to start this blog. I love to share what I’m learning through my journey in the Word and through life experience. Let’s face it; life is tough sometimes! When it gets tough, it is imperative that we learn obedience to the Lord through our suffering.

Daily prayer and study of the Bible, aka the Word, and consistent application of Scripture is necessary for this type of growth. Without it, we become stagnant, our spiritual muscles atrophy, and our peace disappears.

The Straight-Up is meant to be an honest look at life and a pathway to learning the truth. It’s where day-to-day frustrations, prayers, God-winks, and revelation can be shared with a determined goal to encourage, entertain and mature.

I’m so glad you’re with me on this journey and I hope this little blog brings you encouragement, joy, laughter, and hope.